From soul to sole!

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Store La Botte Gardiane, Paris
Store La Botte Gardiane, Paris  Bild:
So, what are heavenly boots actually? So comfortable, as if one would run on clouds? So celestially good-looking that you do not have to bang out money for new soles every season? So well made, so timeless in design that one could only exult: OMG, how f...... divine are these boots?

As we know, the market for the supposedly "weaker sex" has such a plethora of fine shoe companies to enumerate them here would drive everybody insane. In other words: the selection of women boots is almost devilishly diverse. Of diabolically expensive... hè,,,,,, including the whole Rodeo Drive-, Bond Street, Champs Elysees, Fifth Avenue, and Kudamm women screaming in the just Zalando compatible. Men seem to have it much easier. Really good boots, whether as Biker Boots, Chelsea Boots or Iron Ranger Boots are only available at Red Wing Shoes.

Botte Gardiane foncé, vegetable tanned (Bild:

Of course, for men and all 'I am not a hipster' claimers, there are few other companies such as Fyre Boots, El Charro Boots Italy, Lucchese Bootmakers and Dubarry Boots. Not to mention some of these italian luxury labels, but, let's face it, bloody expensive and often suffer from the italian disease of: 'Fix it again Tony!' Therefore, to sneak into stores or to spend time in front of your apple, seems rather dim! On the other hand, who wants to walk around today with 45 degree heels and feel as if he were 'lost in Texas'? Sorry Texas, but that's really uncool! But, what, may one ask, are cool, rather, regrettably awesome boots? Is there a shoemaker for both genders, who can actually produce such boots, that virtually connect the soul with the sole?

Rouge Boutine, Velours
Bleu Boutine, Velours
Beige Boutine, Velours
Sac, rouge
Sac, Beige
Botte femme, haut Cavaliere
boutine lisa, veau gras (Bild:

Boots, no matter what season, you never want to take off, because they are so amazingly comfortable? Because even quickies and other 'Shades of Grey'- fantasies are easily to survive without having to strip off these boots? Yes, these boots exist! And, No, they do not come from the US. And not from Italy either. And, Yes, they have already been discovered by Elle, Vogue, Grazias and Cosmopolitan. Bingo! They come from France. More precisely, from Villetelle, 30 km from Montpellier, not far away from the famous Carmarque. And the boots, crafted by Antoine & Julien Aguhlon along with 15 employees in a factory of 300 m2, are called: La Botte Gardiane. They are also known as Boots Of Carmarque. In France they have become a cultural asset.

Brune Bottes hautes cavaliere (Bild:

Not surprisingly, almost every second blade of grass seem to be a cultural asset there. This , however, does not mean that the boots of ' La Botte Gardiane' are not absolutely outstanding. They are. Definitely! Why? Because Antoine & Julien have understood how to make people happy. All their perfect boots and shoes have one thing in common, they are reduced to the essential: rugged leather, hand-sewn, beautiful soles, classic colors. And most importantly: no chi-chi ornaments and penetrating label bombardment. Offline, these boots are only available in Paris and a few other french cities. But, hey folks, online, we will survive even as a non-french( Vive la Liberté.

To avoid unnecessary, eco-unfriendly returns, Antoine & Julien provide good instructions for the best fit of these heavenly boots, mid-boots, loafers, sandals and Chelsea boots. They even have a Kid's line, bags and nice accessories. And the best part, their products are all vegetable tanned. Whether with jeans, miniskirts, hippy dresses, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, at cocktail parties, beaches or only for the Boulevard Walk, 'La Botte Gardiane' connects your soul finally with soles of your feet. And that your soul has found its way back to earth, can never do any harm. N'est-ce pas!